What To Ask Your Wedding Officiant

1) Do you officiate for same-sex ceremonies?

2) Do you officiate for people who don't have any "religious" beliefs or people who don't go to church? Does our ceremony HAVE to be religious?

3) Do we need to meet for consultation? Is there a fee?

4) I have read (or heard) that not all officiants, ordained or otherwise, are legally authorized to officiate wedding ceremonies in Virginia. Are you legally authorized to perform wedding ceremonies in Virginia? What are your credentials? Are you willing to show me your documentation?

5) How much input do we have in how our ceremony will go? Are you flexible to include, or not include, our own choice of poems, readings, etc. to customize our ceremony?

6) Do you attend the rehearsal?

7) How long will our ceremony last?

8) Do you file our marriage license for us? If so when?

9) Do you suggest-venues or vendors we may need for our wedding?


1) You do not need to be a resident of Virginia to get married in Virginia.

2) The Commonwealth of Virginia does not require a waiting period.

3) Blood tests are not a pre-requisite to getting married in Virginia.

4) You do not need witnesses.

5) All Officiants need to be authorized by the Commonwealth to perform weddings in Virginia.

6) You have 60 days to get married after you receive your license.

7) You don’t have to get married in the same county where you get your license.

8) Both persons who are to be married must appear in person with a photo ID to complete your license application process and to pick up your license.

9) You can usually get a license application online to save time.

10) Same-Sex marriages are performed in Virginia.

11) It is the responsibility of the Officiant to return your completed license to the appropriate Court to be processed and filed.

12) It usually takes approximately 14 days following your ceremony for your completed license to be processed and filed.

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