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Petra in Ruther Glen, VA *****
Gail is amazing! She listened to our needs & created a ceremony just right for us! She was able to work a small miracle around our circumstances & schedule; and, made our day absolutely a dream come true! We highly recommend Gail for your wedding ceremony!
Erin in Glen Allen, VA *****
Gail serves with sincerity & deep compassion for her clients. From the the 1st contact on an app, during the phone call conversation & during the entire ceremony...we were put at ease.
She arrive ahead of scheduled; her speech was perfect for the Muslim Couple. She stated the ceremony would last 15 mins (in their home--due to covid-19) she was right on track.She respected their needs & wants.

I'm looking forward to working with her; in the future.
Amanda in Spotsylvania, VA *****
We were happy to have Gail do our ceremony ! When COVID hit and we needed to reschedule our she was able to work with us. The ceremony was beautiful even when unexpected things happen like my veil flying off into the wind during our first kiss haha. She did tells us unexpected things can happen! We recommend Gail for your big day!!!
Dora in Glen Allen, VA *****
We were so happy with the way Gail handled our ceremony from start to finish! She was very informative and guided us through the whole process. We could tell that she really listened to us during our phone interview and gave us wonderful suggestions which helped to make our day very special. We highly recommend her!
Lindsey & Vera in Spotsylvania, VA *****
Gail was such a considerate, kind, and reliable person from the very first phone call consultation, through our follow-up question/review calls, and during the ceremony. The process of consultation and completing the paperwork was a breeze because Gail was so thorough. Definitely eased my wife’s and my own anxious minds! We were reassured and comforted by the fact that Gail covered everything with us and made the process super easy so we didn’t have to stress (much, haha) before our big day.

The ceremony itself was beautiful. Gail’s speech was so poetic, and she did not make any stereotypical remarks or comments about us two ladies getting married. She has married LGBT+ folks for many years, which was also super reassuring. During our search for an officiant, I had been worried who we might find, especially after my brother and his wife had a officiant who made remarks during his speech about stereotypical gender roles husbands and wives have had. Big yikes. So when we found Gail on EnGAYged and saw that she used gender-neutral language, did not include any religious aspect if it was not wanted, and focused on the joy and love that should be celebrated in a ceremony, we knew we found a great officiant. We are so thankful that she was the one to unite my wife and I in marriage.
Krista in Richmond, VA *****
Gail did such an amazing job with our marriage ceremony. We knew we wanted to have someone that could capture our love for each other without being too religious and Gail went above and beyond what we could have imagined. The passages she chose for our ceremony were perfect and brought tears of joy to our friends and families witnessing our wedding. We highly recommend Gail for your big day!
Ryan in Richmond, VA *****
Gail was extremely communicative, thorough in explaining everything, and easy to work with. We used her to get married before our wedding, so we could have a friend do a non-religious ceremony.
Rich in Henrico, VA *****
Gail was thorough in her preparation, informative and guided us through our decisions, flexible with our desires in the process, and timely on the day.
Being a remarriage situation, we didn’t need all of the bells and whistles that young couples may need, and as a smaller wedding being held in the COVID era, Gail understood this perfectly and fit her services and recommendations into our day seamlessly.
Stacy in Glen Allen, VA *****
Gail was very pleasant to deal with. She is professional & up to date on all of the requirements. She was a big part of making our day special & memorable.
Stacy in Colonial Heights, VA *****
I highly recommend the services of Gail Olberg as your wedding officiant.  We originally had our wedding scheduled for March 2021, but it had to be rescheduled because of Covid.  Gail had no issues with working with us to reschedule.  We were looking for someone who was open to perform a non-religious ceremony that would incorporate our blended family.  My husband and I were not certain of what we wanted exactly, but we knew we wanted to a handfasting and we wanted our children involved.  Gail blended a sand ceremony and the handfasting ceremony beautifully.  We could not have been more pleased.  She walked us through the process and was kind, caring and patient.  I cannot say enough good things! 
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