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Claire & Aggie in Powhatan, VA *****
My partner and I decided we would get married after 13 years of being together. So we went to get our license from our county courthouse. Well since I wasn’t aware that the license expired in 60 days when we went to fill out paperwork, the rush was on when time was running out. Neither of us had been married so we definitely didn’t know what was involved. I did research, mainly because we needed an officiant who performs same-sex marriages. That was a concern I had. I wanted that special person who would marry us for our love. After searching, I found a Officiate by the name of Gail Olberg. After she promptly contacted me back, even though I was nervous, she talked to me for quite a while and told me what to expect, suggestions for the ceremony and we even talked about what we’d wear. She was so kind and wanted to make sure she was dressed appropriate to our dress. She helped me with suggestions to include in our special day. She did make you feel like you had known her for a long time. Wow what a relief. It seemed she went above and beyond to help us understand what would be involved. She made my planning so much easier. Aggie and I feel we were very fortunate to have Gail as our Officiant. How could things have been any better. She also made recommendations of where to have our small intimate ceremony. In other words , our elopement. We are also planning next spring or summer to have a reception and small ceremony for friends and family and will definitely have Gail there. Our decision was made to get married because of our love for each other and for legal matters for same-sex couples. So now we are happily married newlyweds. We will keep in touch with Gail and have her out next summer. My wife said she couldn’t believe I got the ceremony done in such a short time. Well without Gail that would not have happened. Thank you Gail for making our day so special. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Amie in Richmond, VA *****
Wonderful! Our day was perfect!
Tynesha in Richmond, VA *****
Couldn't seem to get responses from officiants for our out of town wedding, with only a few days to go I reached out to Gail. She responded quickly and was able officiate our planned elopement with efficiency and professionalism, couldn't ask for an easier experience!
Kate & Leo in Richmond, VA *****
Gail was a wonderful officiant! From explaining the entire process, walking us through the vows, asking key questions to get a sense of our personalities as a couple, listening to what we want, and to offering helpful tips and suggestions. We can’t recommend her enough! She delivered a fantastic ceremony- we got many compliments on not only her delivery, but the thoughtful content she spoke and how it resonated with many of those married in the audience. Thank you again Gail!
Reyne in Richmond, VA *****
Once my husband had asked me to marry him, I got to planning! I knew I wanted a small, intimate wedding where our love could be the focus and knew the choosing of our officiant would be the most important thing to help achieve all I dreamed of. I booked Gail months in advance because after only talking with her once I knew she had to officiate my wedding.
She was so informative and had an ease about her that's hard to find these days. She also listened to what I wanted for my day with no judgement but kindness. On October 5th, we got married and it was perfect! Gail told me "something will go wrong, that's okay, it's what you make of it." And things went wrong lol, but the light was definitely Gail and her words, her service, her professionalism, her kindness and presence. During our ceremony there wasn't a dry eye and it created an enchanting evening full of happiness and love..
Hannah & Christina in Richmond, VA *****
Gail made our day truly special! As a same-sex couple, it was important for us to find an officiant that we felt comfortable with, and Gail truly made our day so special. The words she selected were perfect and really helped us focus on the moment. Our ceremony was just the two of us, and Gail was really helpful in pointing out picture ideas and areas at the courthouse for us to conduct the ceremony. She really helped to guide us through the whole planning process, and it is greatly appreciated. We felt like Gail made the day extra special and highly recommend her to anyone considering her to officiant their wedding!
Patricia in Alexandria, VA *****
My wedding was far from traditional, which was perfect. After the ups and downs my now husband and I have gone through in 17 years, we both decided to say I do. The place were we decided to exchange vows was a Detention Center. Finding an officiant that wouldn't be judgmental or look down on our situation was critical for me. As soon as Gail picked up the phone, she was instantly invested. She was flexible to my needs and was able to accommodate my need to change our wedding date at the last minute. She was professional and made sure everything was good to go at the facility. I highly recommend Gail - she makes you feel like she really cares and is sensitive to your needs!
Cathy in Doswell, VA *****
Gail was wonderful as the officiant at our wedding! She spoke very eloquently about love, life and marriage. She made our special day even more special with her beautiful words!! Thank you Gail for everything!!
Jacqueline in Richmond, VA *****
Gail was so great as our wedding officiant. It was thoughtful and unique without being over the top. My grandmother even said it was the most beautiful ceremony she had ever seen. It was the perfect ceremony for the two of us.
Janjira in Chesterfield, VA *****
I am so glad that we had Gail as our wedding officiant. She was always quick to respond to our emails and made sure our ceremony went according to plan. Gail was a pleasure to work with, and we had a beautiful ceremony thanks to her. She is the best, I would recommend to
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